Update 10.0 Creative Writing

Heavy Rotation

Year 2582. With the latest developed technology, nuclear weapons and ships which can do interstellar travels, the human race now have took control of most of the known galaxy and in its efforts to keep power over everything it has forbid entertainment making people lose hope about the future of humanity.

Dualium is the most powerful element in the universe and it is available on Akibastar planet, the only place where entertainment is legal and part of every inhabitant’s life as a light of hope in the middle of chaos, war and sadness for the extraction of the mineral.

Akibastar is also home of the most powerful and talented pop band “2NE-girls”, a group of girls who fight and sing to protect the planet and its people with the strength of their kiraras. These are the physical form of the soul of people who are truly guardians of hope, love and peace among all beings of the universe.



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